You are using the Sandbox version of Charters.Link. This site uses the same code as the live Chartrs.Link system, but a different testing database.

This sandbox site can be used to test the use of and put in test data to see if things are working as expected, but should not be used for live data.

To use the live version of Charters.Link please go to

In order to distinguish between the live site, the color scheme has been tweaked slightly to make the borders of the screen blue. The live site uses black/gray.

Charters.Link is an online compliance tool provided by the state of Florida to assist Authorizers and Charter Schools collect and organize their materials and facilitate effective communication. Only authorized users are allowed to log into this online system. If you are looking for public information regarding the charter schools who use this system, please click here.

If you are a Florida Public Charter School wishing to utilize Charters.Link and would like to learn more, please contact the Florida Charter Support Unit.

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